Youth Programme

Why not come to the Children's Service? It is well known around Johannesburg that the best children service around is at the Pine Street Shul.   We now have a dedicated toddlers' service crafted to take the group through a song based, interactive experience of Shabbat, whilst the older children spend time discussing a specific theme of the week, or the weekly Parasha, with integrated games relevant to the topic. For the Pre Barmitzvah boys there is a weekly Bar-Mitzvah class held at the shul where complete guidance is given to them for their upcoming Bar-Mitzvah.  We encourage all the youth to join us on a Friday night for our youth Minyan followed by a Brocha, pre-Barmitzvah boys are welcome to join as well, in fact encouraged.   There is a weekly Brocha for all the children after their children service, and we welcome parents to participate on our Theme Brochas to perhaps honour their child’s Birthday. The activities have all been designed to encourage children to be more enthusiastic about coming to Shul on a more frequent basis, to meet other children from the community and to make friends.   We are continuously holding exciting competitions during the children services known to most as “Mazuma”, whereby children gain “Mazuma’ from being present, participating, completing certain activities during the week i.E. Visiting the sick, giving charity, helping their parents and more. Our services are led by our energetic Madrichim, and the involvement of the children play a huge part in them. The Children Service Leaders are integrated and well mannered teenagers who not only run the services but also act as wonderful role-models. We are keen to build up a strong young community again, and would encourage all to come along and join us, we'd love to see you. We can guarantee you that your children will enjoy their time at shul. On a practical level , children service provides the opportunity for parents to come and participate in Shul Services whilst knowing that their children are being taken care of in a safe environment. True and lifelong friends are made at Shul which all begins at this tender age.  Allowing your child to be part of the Shul experience will help in raising your children into well balanced and proud Jews.  Children Service Times  Friday Night 6;15pm  Saturday Mornings 10;15 am   Services are held on all the Chagim as well    For more information call Daniel on 011 640 3101 or 082 731 9294  Daniel Swimmer  M. +27 82-731-9294  W. +27 11-485-2994  F. +27 86-635-7511

Pine Street Youth