17 February 2017

The Holocaust twinning ceremony last Friday night in shul was a moving moment not only for the barmitzvah boys, but also for the entire congregation present. I hope that the concept will bring the reality of the tradgedy to those who may never meet a live survivor and have to rely on media to appreciate the impact of the Holocaust on the Jews and the world.

13 November 2015

We are always aware of what is happening in Israel. The EU has demanded that products from Yehuda and Shomron be labeled as such. This is reminiscent of Nazi Germany when shops were signed JUDE and the yellow magen dovid.
There are about 200 conflict areas in the world and the EU sees fit to target Israel.

Increase your support for Israel, buy Israeli products, call a friend or family in Israel and tell them we are thinking of them, dovening for them and supporting them as best we can.

23July 2015 -

7th in time for Tisha b'Av

“Don't hold on to anger, hurt or pain. They steal your energy and keep you from love.”
― Leo Buscaglia

22July 2015 -

6th in time for Tisha b'Av

Contact someone you haven’t spoken to for a while. Make the call, reconnect.

21July 2015 -

5th in time for Tisha b'Av

Have you been rude or did you insult someone? Man up and apologize, even if you think you were right.

20 July 2015 -

4th in time for Tisha b'Av

If you know you did nothing wrong, there is nothing to gain from endlessly rehashing the relationship. All it will do is take time and energy away from your loved ones, and make you perpetually unhappy

 19 July 2015 -

3rd in time for Tisha b'Av

Speak to others as you would have them speak to you

18 July 2015 - Motzei Shabbat

“Learn this from me. Holding anger is a poison. It eats you from inside. We think that hating is a weapon that attacks the person who harmed us. But hatred is a curved blade. And the harm we do, we do to ourselves.”
― Mitch Albom, The Five People You Meet in Heaven

16 July 2015 - Rosh Chodesh Av

1st in time for Tisha B'Av

Everyone is a fighting an internal battle that you don’t know about, be nice.

15 July 2015

Breakdown in interpersonal relationships contributed to the destruction of the Beit Hamikdash. This series of trigger statements will help to identify negative feelings and suggest ways to repair and restore damaged relationships in time for Tisha B’Av. PG the unity created will engender positive spiritual energies and hasten the building of the 3rd Temple.
Watch out for the First one on Thursday evening Rosh Chodesh Av

5 February 2015

The world seems to be at unrest. Conflicts and tension are increasing. There is a definate need to counter this negative energy in the spiritual realms and to be prepared to prevent physical harm.
Prayer, Torah study and unasked for acts of kindness can do wonders for personal and global calm.
I am ready to discuss these matters as well as prevention of personal harm and communal protection.

14 August 2014

This week has been fraught with a lot of antisemitic reporting, accusations and threats.
Truth will endure and we, as Jews need to maintain a clear and strong position.
The Muslims have managed to turn the truth around and the rest of the world conveniently accepts their version. It has been said that what happens to the Jews, will happen to the Christians.
Stand fast, stand together and we will endure.

3 July 2014

Very Sad

Our hearts go out to the familes of Eyal Yifrah, Naftali Frenkel, Gilad Shaar on the murder of their dear sons. We feel their pain and hope and pray that they have the strength and courage to endure their loss.

I hope that those who have the power to protect Jews will not speak about protection, rather do what has to be done to ensure the safety of all Jews, for we are a nation that dwells alone with only the Al-mighty and ourselves to rely on.

26 March 2014

A lesson in humility

This past Shabbat, a gentile guest arrived late for the barmitzvah. He walked quickly over to the barmitzvah boy, wished him mazaltov and in a crouched postion, moved quickly to his seat.

After shul I thanked him for coming and explained that he taught me (and anyone else who was saw him) a lesson in humilty. He didn't walk into shul slowly, go over to the barmitzvah family and engage in conversation, hugs and back slapping. He knew he was late (he told me so) he was embarrassed (he told me so) and did not want to disturb the service. Oh that we were so sensentive.

13 Feb 2014

Dare to be different.

Challenge  family and friends to do random acts of kindness, rather than random acts of destruction.
There is too much negative energy in the world generated by stress, anger and depression to name a few.
Be one the bold people and turn it around. Positive people doing positive deeds attract positive and productive energies that influence and affect the world around.
 Pay it forward.

Are we listening?

What is said is not always what is heard. Many fortunate people had a moment with the Kalever Rebbe. He gives everyone a brocho, some general, some specific and then offers guidance and advice.  Those who listened and heard what he said went away feeling uplifted and motivated. Some unfortunately did not listen to what he said, they heard what they wanted to hear. They did not hear his brochos, only his advice and that rattled them. His intention and motivation to do what he does is pure and holy. Accept it for what it is.

Listen carefully to what people say, ask for confirmation that you what you heard is what they said. It will make for better relationships and positive outcomes.

Have you made the call?

Is there someone you have been meaning to call but you just can't get it done? The thought of making the call, the reponse that you think you are going to get prevents you from dailing the number? I made a call after many years, I got a real negative response, wait for it...  after a few minutes a text and then my reply, an apology for the negative outburst and a reconciliation. I feel a whole lot better, like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I hope your dialogue will bear similar fruits.

Build a Bridge

On Monday evening at the Halacha shiur, we learnt a shattering interpretation of making good on bad relationships. We ussually understand that issues between man and G-d are just that. Issues between man and his fellow are only forgiven by G-d after we have sorted them out with our fellow. The shattering interpretation is that G-d does not deal take notice of our issues with Him (between man and G-d) until we have reconciled the issues between man and his fellow. Lets do our best to enter Rosh Hashono with a clean slate and the comfort of knowing that G-d will listen because we have made the effort to clear up the matters that concern us and our fellows.

Be Prepared
Leaders give guidance and inspire followers into becoming leaders. Their successes
give energy to all of us to make all the other projects successful. In just 3 weeks we will be in the midst of  the Yamim Noraim. Lets get moving and get things going before the year end deadline. Prepare yourselves, sort out that which needs to be taken care of. Lets enter into the Yom Tov season with positive energies, clear minds and harmonious relationships.

Confess the good stuff

Its time to make an account of what we have been up to in the past year. Firstly focus on the successes, the good and the positive. Do this with humility and modesty. Appreciate that you are intrinsically good in order to better deal with the failures and disappointments of the past year. With a positive attitude, you can embrace the negative situations and transform them into growth areas. Apply yourself - You can