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We held a successful “New Comers” tea party on the 17 th  February 2013. This is a popular event which welcomes new members to our Shul with eats and entertainment. We had about 70 people, including personnel, committee members and of  course our guests of honour  the “New Comers”. Rabbi Gerson, our President Ashley Buchalter and our youth director Daniel Swimmer all said a few words. Chazen Ezra Sher and our Pine Street Shul choir accompanied by Evelyn Green, played and sang popular songs that were enjoyed by all. Daisy from our kitchen prepared delicious snacks for tea. Sue Fleisher and Lilly Cohen co-ordinate and invited all our guests . This event is held bi-annually and we look forward to the next event and many more new members. Click thumbnail to enlarge
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Photos courtesy of Stephen Kangisser