Minyan Schedule
Shacharit weekday mornings 6.15 am

Mincha/Mariv Sunday to Thursday 6.00pm.


Shabbat Hagadol 27th March 14 Nisan Shacharit 6.30 am

Last Chametz eaten 10 am

Kol Chamira by 10.45 am

Mincha 5.50 pm


Pesach Prep
The Pine Street Times and events are in the Pine Street Parsha here

Please click here to sell your Chometz
Please click here for the UOS Pesach Guide
Please click here for the Beth Din Guide to Shabbat Erev Pesach and other information
Please click here for a Guide to navigating your Seder


Please bring a siddur, tissues, paper towels.

Wear your mask at all times and observe social distancing.

If you feel ill, stay home.


Alt Tel Number: 066 491 7237