The Mezuzah Project



Should you wish to purchase one of these limited edition Carrol Boyes art pieces - please contact the shul on 011 640 3101  to purchase one today. Should you wish to pay for one online, please ensure that you mail Sue at the office to confirm payment and arrange collection by clicking on the mail icon below.
The shul has been serving the community for 75 years, with 50 of those based where we are now," said synagogue chairman Ilan Mosselson. "We are marking this milestone through The Mezuzah Project, a collaboration between the late Eduardo Villa, Carrol Boyes, and the shul. We believe that the mezuzot will become rare Judaica art pieces that will appreciate in value as collectors' items do."   Villa was born in Bergamo, Italy. While studying sculpture in Milan, Villa was conscripted into the Italian army at the outbreak of World War II. He was injured and captured in Egypt by the English. Some time between 1941 and 1942, he was shipped to South Africa where he spent the next four years at the Zonderwater prisoner of war camp. After his release Villa remained in South Africa working as a sculptor.   At the time, the synagogue was being completed by a wealthy benefactor who requested architects of the building to include some decorative design to give it more prominence. They had heard that Villa, working from the Lupini Terrazzo factory in Louis Botha Avenue, Wynberg, was experimenting with a new architectural design feature of fixing moulded Terrazzo concrete panels to external wall surfaces, and commissioned a series of panels depicting the twelve tribes of Israel. Before Villa died on 1 May 2011 at the age of 95, he endorsed the reproduction of his Pine Street Synagogue murals for mezuzot.   "Never has anyone been granted permission to replicate Villa's work in any way. Six of these panels have been recreated in a limited edition mezuzah series, designed by well-known artist Carrol Boyes." Only five hundred of each design of these mezuzahs have been produced and the moulds have been destroyed.   Each mezuzah is etched with Villa's signature, has a unique series number engraved on it, and a signed certificate of authenticity.   In his lifetime, Villa became a world recognised sculptor.
Pricing:   R2400 each R14400 for a full set of 6